"I am the way, the truth, and the life." -Jesus

VBS 2024

Listen! Can you hear a howler monkey screeching and insects buzzing? Look! Do you see a sloth hanging from a tree and a jaguar crouching, ready to pounce? Smell! Is that the aroma of tropical flowers wafting through the air? Touch! Do you feel soft grass under your feet and gentle rain on your skin? Taste! Is that delicious milk from a coconut and exotic spices from the rainforest?

Come explore a world of wonder that will delight your senses while captivating your heart and mind at The Great Jungle Journey: An Epic Cruise from Genesis to Revelation. We will cruise through jungle rivers, making stops at seven ports of call along the way—each starting with a C. These represent seven key biblical events—the 7 C’s of History.

Join us each evening at the church building (the tropical rainforest) for Jungle Jam, Rain or Shine Bible Time, Tree-mendous Crafts, Canopy Cafe Snacks, and Rainforest Recreation.  Sing lively songs, learn truth from God's Word, make special crafts, enjoy munching on tropical treats, rumble in the jungle with some wet and wild games, and have a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Prepare to swing into the fun as we head out on our jungle river cruise. See you in the rainforest! Be sure to register today!
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