"I am the way, the truth, and the life." -Jesus


Doing the hard thing makes you a leader.

-Rick Warren

Our leaders.

Real Life Church is elder led. There is no paid pastor, board of trustees, or monthly business meeting. Church members bring ministry and service ideas before the elders, and the elders decide next steps to take. To learn more, click here.

Monthly Preaching Rotation

Week 1: Larry   |   Week 2: Scott   |   Week 3: Larry   |   Week 4: Scott   |   Week 5: Guest

Larry Ullom

Elder since April 2008

Pastor Larry grew up in Wheeling, WV. He became a Christian at age 13 and attended church with his family from early childhood. In 2008, Larry worked alongside two other Christian men to found Real Life Church in Lewis County. He continues to answer God's call to pastor Real Life Church today.

Wife: Debbie Ullom
Children: 3 adult
Interests: gadgets, apps, science, building stuff, watching movies, eating Mexican food, reading NLT Bible, working with kids because they are the future

Scott Villers

Elder since December 2016

Pastor Scott is a Lewis County native. He loves riding motorcycles and leads a local chapter of Bikers for Christ. Scott preaches every other week and leads men's ministry at Real Life Church.

Children: 1 adult, 2 young
Interests: motorcycles, photography

Gary Allen

Elder since December 2016

Elder Gary is a Lewis County native. He has a passion for serving others and is gifted in construction. Gary has lead building projects to provide for the disabled. He also leads a Connection Group on Sunday mornings.

Wife: Maryann Allen
Children: 5 adult
Interests: construction, outdoors activities, hunting, trapping