"I am the way, the truth, and the life." -Jesus


Changes are coming this weekend (9/10/2023) to our worship streaming service.
We know that many of our faithful listeners have enjoyed the music on our live streams for some time, but the streaming platforms are becoming ever more watchful for use of copyrighted material. We have paid for the appropriate licenses to stream our content, but we still are getting our feed interrupted regularly by the platforms before the gospel is ever preached. Therefore, we have come to the difficult discission to mute our streaming of the music portion of our worship. We will stream the lyrics, but if you want the music, you'll need to search YouTube for videos of groups performing the songs. We tried just streaming the sermon last week, but that created other timing issues, so we are going to continue experimenting until we reach a workable compromise.
We are returning to our start time of 9:30 in light of this new approach. We'll broadcast a caption with the lyrics that indicates the music is muted, so it won't appear to be a technical problem again. Hopefully this will keep the stream up for everyone to hear the message from God's word.
Love Ya'll
Pastor Larry

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