"I am the way, the truth, and the life." -Jesus


“My dear friends, you have always obeyed God. You obeyed while I was with you. And you have obeyed even more while I am not with you. So, continue to work out your own salvation. Do it with fear and trembling. God is working in you. He wants your plans and your acts to fulfill His good purpose.” ~ Philippians 2:12-13 (NIRV)

What do you believe your purpose is? Do you think your purpose is to be used by most of the other people you meet? Maybe you feel like your purpose is to be comic relief. Is it possible that you don’t think you have a purpose at all? There have been times I was convinced my purpose was just to suffer.

The apostle Paul says we all have a purpose, and for those of us who have accepted Jesus, God has equipped us with special gifts to aid us in fulfilling that purpose. We also know that it’s not some terrible purpose, but a good one. But we do have to put effort into it to see God’s purpose for our life come to pass.

That’s where some of us miss our purpose. I have met people who believe that they should not have to work at all. It’s true that salvation is a free gift. We can’t earn it, and we don’t contribute anything toward it. When Paul says to continue working out your salvation, he means to allow the Holy Spirit you received at salvation to work out of or through your life toward His purpose.

If you want to live a fulfilling life, resolve to join God in the work He reveals to you, so you can experience His good purpose for you. Obeying God won’t always be easy, but you will always end up in a better place than if you’re not obeying.

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