Giving back to God is an important act of worship for every follower of Christ, and your generosity should flow from a cheerful and willing heart. That is why at Real Life Church you’ll never see us pass an offering plate. We want to make sure that when you give it’s in response to God’s prompting and not man’s.

Giving Online

Giving online can be an easy way to honor God with your giving by making a single gift or by scheduling ongoing donations. Have your credit or debit card ready, and use the Give Now button to make your safe and secure donation through PayPal.

Financial Responsibility

God has a lot to say about how we use our money, and carelessness is a common sin when it comes to the area of our finances. The tools below can help you plan ahead and tell your money where it can go and what it can do. If you don’t your money will tell YOU where to go and what you can and cannot do.

Learn How to Make a Budget >

Get out of Debt with the Debt Snowball >

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