C-ing Through Scripture Week 5 TIO

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Talking through the message during the week helps you, your family, and your group turn what God is saying to you into action steps. Begin with the key questions, add any optional scriptures and questions if needed, and then wrap up by deciding on your next steps.

Series Description

How do you see the world around you? We all have a worldview that is shaped by our attitudes, life-events, and beliefs. Will you choose to see Scripture through the lens of the World? Or will you choose to see the World through the lens of Scripture. In this 6-week series, we are building a Biblical Worldview as we learn to “C” through Scripture.

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Week 5 Main Idea

A church is a group of Christians who regularly gather together to advance the Great Commission through gospel preaching and gospel ordinances.

Key Questions:

  • How have your thoughts about church been challenged this week?
  • Which characteristics of the early church do you see at work at RLC?
  • Which characteristics would you say are lacking? (Pray that God may grant us those qualities.)
  • How will what you’ve learned this week affect the way you interact with the church?

Optional Questions:

If needed, include one or more of these scriptures and questions to extend your conversation.

  • Read Hebrews 10:24-25. What is the one thing these verses command us not to do?
  • According to these verses, what is the purpose of our gathering together?
  • How are you obeying these verses? How are you not obeying these verses?
  • Read Hebrews 13:17. These verses speak of submitting to the leaders of your church.
  • Who are your leaders?
  • How are you submitting to your leaders?

Next Steps

  • What next step is God leading you to take? (i.e. baptism, joining the church, serving in the church, etc.)
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